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Wedding-Flowers Price Packages

Whether your wedding date is months off, or just around the corner, we at Village Flower Shoppe are happy to help you plan your wedding flowers! 

The most frequently asked question we receive are how much will what I want cost? Every bride has a unique vision for her special day and her wedding flowers will be as unique as she is! We enjoy working closely with brides to make your wedding day uniquely beautiful and memorable with our custom-designed, hand-made wedding flowers made just for you!

To help you start we created a Wedding Package Pricing Guide to give you something you can think about as you make your plans. When you are ready to book, let us set aside a time to tailor your flowers to your vision! We will love to make your wedding day the most beautiful one of a lifetime.


Wedding Flowers!


City Hall Package

Please ask us about your custom requirements!

Popular packages start at: $200 for One bridal bouquet and one boutonniere.


An Intimate Wedding starting at $2500


One Bridal Bouquet


Three Rose Boutonnieres


Ten Intimate Table Arrangements or equivalent


Two Intimate Altar Arrangements or equivalent


Delivery and Set up.






Our most popular package starting at $4000


One Medium Bridal Bouquet


Three petite Bridesmaid Bouquets


Three Rose Boutonnieres


Ten Medium Table Arrangements or equivalent


Two Medium Altar Arrangements or Small Arch Decoration equivalent


Delivery and Set up.






Our Lux Package Starting at $6500


One Lux Bridal Bouquet 


Five Lush/Medium Bridesmaid Bouquets 


Five Rose Boutonnieres


12 Lush/Medium Table Arrangements 


Two Lush/Medium Altar Arrangements, or two Lush arrangements, or Lush/Medium Arch decoration equivalent.


Delivery and Set up.


Starting at $6500




Bespoke Wedding Package starting at $10,000


One Grand Bridal Bouquet 


Five Lush Bridesmaid Bouquets 


Eight Lush Boutonnieres 


15-20 Medium and Lush Arrangements with Lux-high-end flowers.


Two Lush Altar Arrangements, or Lush Arch decoration.


Delivery and Set up.


Starting at $10,000