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Village Flower Shoppe
2237 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA 94306
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Elliott GenoviaElliott Genovia
4 days ago
29 years ago I ended a promising new romance for a business opportunity in China which would have kept me abroad for an unlimited amount of time. We parted thinking we would not see each other ever again. Unfortunately, that day was Valentine's day. Life and/or fate had us meet again recently here in northern California. I called The Village Flower Shoppe to send her a Valentine Floral arrangement looking to turn this holiday into one of new beginnings. I was devastated it didn't get received since this day was so significant to both of us but, for the wrong reason. I called Village Flower Shoppe letting them know the deliver never made it up to her office.They were very apologetic and Immediately sent their driver to personally hand deliver an even larger bouquet along with a complimentary box of chocolates. I received a follow-up call from the Village Flower Shoppe confirming they hand delivered to her just as she was calling me to say she received an extremely beautiful arrangement along with a box of chocolates. I know Valentine's Day will have a much different meeting to us as we go forward - "together". I cannot thank you enough for your understanding how important this was to me and hope you know this cannot carry a price. To anyone who may read this, you have found a business that will make the reason you are sending flowers just as important to them as it is to you. I will always highly recommend the Village Flower Shoppe to anyone and everyone. Thank you!
Jasmine DesmetJasmine Desmet
3 months ago
The Village Flower Shoppe kindly answered my questions and delivered the flowers earlier than expected! The flowers showed up lovely and smelling wonderful. Thank you!
Kevon LisenbyKevon Lisenby
4 months ago
Thank you so much Village Flower Shoppe. The flower bouquet I had here for my wife was lovely. Their staffs were personable. Highly recommended.